I borrowed the first book from my friend.  I wrote the code on paper and returned the book, thing is it wont except the code.  I must have copied it wrong, anybody willing to tell me the code.

The S.S. cait

Each code only works once. You need to get our own book.Laughing

Lucian & fox

I have the book at home, but I forgot it. I'll probably bring it tomorrow, and I'll have the codes.

Each code can only be used once.


But if you select the ebook/book without a poster option you can unlock it online.




39 is sweet number. It's 13 times 3. It's also the sum of 5 prime numbers in a row — 3, 5, 7, 11, 13. And if you add the first 3 powers of 3, 3^1 plus 3^2 plus 3^3 you get 39.






I would but i cant fiend it either can you tell me what you got and I will get it to you


-Payge Marie Hemken

try the library

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I try that but all i get is nothing from 4 different libraries. Al i get is the book two guide.