i am new.please accept as one of your kind

>writing  queen<


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There aren't a lot of people here anymore.


Search for the Randomness Wars on the Scholastica Wikia.

Thread-Ghost, I seem


A typewriter named me














Hullo. My name is Billy. What avout yours?

cleverdragon76 aka ClassifiedDragon108 


I am Billy




Remember Emerald




Bring Infinity ring back

Hello, dear!


My name is Mimi. It's nice to meet you. Welcome to the MB. c:



Love mimi

He wears his heart


safety pinned to his backpack


His backpack is all that he knows


Shot down by strangers


whose glances can cripple


the heart and devour the soul





I never knew you were here!

Princess Emma of the AGMB

President of the PA Club

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Galactic Starveyors.....Mary Jane

Honk! Jr......Betty Froglet


Performing Arts is Life!

#Performing Arts


Hey! I'm greendog, but just call me Green. 


You're always welcome here!

Hello! I'm Dog!

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fav metroid game: Samus returns 

gotta catch charizard! 

Ow favoritetrace

Nerd extrodinare! 

Goodbye, emerald. 

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