Okay. Lets be truthful here. I am sending more posts then I need to. But I'm just too excited about being a member! (And I want a friend.)

That's off topic. I will tell you a little about me:


1: I am so a nerd. (The candy to.)

2: I LOVE to read.

3: I own almost all the IR books.

4: I am also a 39 clues fan.

5: I have written at least three books.

6: I need a friend.

7: Last but not least:

                               I'm the Virus!







There are many more posts then I'm used to (I think a few could be in certain topics, like a blog. It'd be easier to catch up), but I can understand your excitement.


Welcome to Infinity Ring, I hope you enjoy being here. :)



Respect IR


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