So i had a school project about this book Infinity ring and i thought to myself it was going to be boring but i really liked and i started reading the posts here... So can someone tell me what was going on here and whats the war and who is emerald and some general stuff?? If you can leave some ideas for me to do it i would be pretty happy thx!

First of all, welcome to the IR MB (Infinity Ring Message Board). I'm Hazel.


The randomness war was a conflict back in 2015 that our MB had with the SA MB (Spirit Animals Message Board) over the way our MB is run. It ended in several people getting banned and most of the IRMBers (Infinity Ring Message Boarders) leaving. It was the third of three major conflicts with SA (though the second and the third were kind of connected) and eventually, most people had had enough. That's why there's so little activity.


Emerald was a member of the IR community who is no longer with us.


Most people aren't on the site anymore, but a few check in (me, Ary, Billy, Samurai, Green Dog). If you've got any questions about the games or books, feel free to ask.



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