Infinity Ring Information
and Privacy Practices

The operator of the Infinity Ring website and related apps is Scholastic Inc. (“Scholastic”, “us”, “we” or similar pronouns), 557 Broadway, New York, New York 10012. We can be reached by phone at (800) SCHOLASTIC or (800) 724-6527 or by e-mail at

This document describes features and functionality of the Infinity Ring digital experience that may collect information from or about your child, and how Scholastic may use that information. It supplements the Scholastic Privacy Policy. If there is a direct conflict between this document and our Privacy Policy, this document governs.

Website and Apps


Infinity Ring is an epic time-travel adventure told in a seven-book series. Readers can continue the adventure in seven original online games or apps. Registration is necessary if users want to access additional content associated with the code that comes with each book. Accounts also let users save progress, scores and achievements within the Infinity Ring game. Users can create an account on the Infinity Ring website or in the Infinity Ring apps, and accounts created in one place are valid in the other. User names are based on terms the user chooses from dropdowns and a randomly assigned number. Then the user creates a password. The user also provides an email address. This email address is used to send a one-time email to the user with his or her username and password for the user’s records. The user’s email address is then hashed, which means it is not stored in a readable format, and we will use it only for account retrieval purposes as described below. These accounts are valid across other kids’ sites operated by Scholastic such as The STACKS and the Scholastic Summer Challenge. For more information about Scholastic’s information practices in connection with those sites, see the Privacy Policy.


If a user does not remember his or her account information, the user can click on the “Forgot Your Username or Password” link. At this page, the user will be prompted to enter the email address provided during when he or she registered. The e-mail address will be immediately encrypted using one-way encryption. Once encrypted, the e-mail address alone cannot be used by us to send e-mail or to identify the user in anyway. However, at a later date, if an e-mail address is provided to us as part of a password reminder request, we can run the same one-way encryption and compare it to our database to determine which account the e-mail address is associated with. We can then send a password reminder e-mail to the correct address. As soon as the e-mail is sent, we delete the plain-text e-mail address and only keep the encrypted address. This process means that we do not permanently store the user’s e-mail address in our systems in a form that would be usable to anyone besides us, for the sole purpose of password retrieval.


In order to unlock digital game content, each called an “Episode,” users need to provide proof that they have the book. If the user has purchased a physical copy of the book, the book comes with a poster, called the “Hystorian’s Guide.” Each Hystorian’s Guide has a unique 10-digit code printed on it. The user will be prompted to enter the 10-digit code on the website. When the code is submitted, access to the particular digital content associated with that book is granted to the user, and that content is stored with the user’s account. The unique 10-digit code will also be marked as used, and cannot be entered by another user. But, the code itself is not associated with the user’s account.

If a user has a problem unlocking digital content, Customer Service can help. Customer Service can be reached at (800) SCHOLASTIC or (800) 724-6527.


If the user has an e-book, library book, or other book that does not come with a poster, the user can unlock digital game content or “Episodes” by providing two randomly requested words from the book. If the submitted words match the requested words, access to the particular digital content associated with that book is granted to the user, and that content is stored with the user’s account.


The collection room is a space on the website and within the apps that acts as the user’s profile. The information viewable in this room includes the user’s username, game progress or achievements, digital inventory items (that is, digital goodies that users may collect in the course of playing the game) and other non-personally identifiable in-game usage information. The list of a user’s message board posts that have been accepted by a moderator and posted to the message boards will be available via the collection room

The player’s collection room is publicly viewable as the user’s profile in the online experience but not in the apps – there, only the user can see his or her own profile.


Parents may

  • ask to review the personally identifiable information we have collected from their child,
  • ask us to delete their child’s personally identifiable information, or
  • refuse to allow us to continue to use their child’s personally identifiable information

by contacting Customer Service at (800) SCHOLASTIC or (800) 724-6527 or writing to us at e-Scholastic, 557 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 , Re: Infinity Ring (for requests related to the Infinity Ring website) or Re: Parent Request for Information (general requests). Parents can also print, complete and return this letter to the specified address. We may ask for verification of identity to ensure that no personally identifiable information is provided to anyone other than the child’s parent or teacher.

Website Only

The following features are available on the Infinity Ring website, which may be accessed from links contained in the Infinity Ring apps if the user has internet access, but these features are not built into the apps.


Users can register for an Infinity Ring e-mail newsletter. To send the newsletter, we collect an e-mail address from the user, but we store it separately from the user’s other Infinity Ring account information (though the account and the user’s profile will indicate if the user is signed up for the newsletter). Users who are under 13 years old must provide a parent’s email address to register for the newsletter, so that we can let parents know if their child has signed up, and tell them how to unsubscribe if they do not want their child to get the newsletter. Users can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. Parents of users or users 13 years of age or older can change the email address that the newsletter gets sent to at any time by contacting Customer Service at (800) SCHOLASTIC or (800) 724-6527. We may ask for verification of identity to ensure that no personally identifiable information of a child under 13 is provided to anyone other than a child’s parent or teacher.


The Infinity Ring website contains message boards. Users can submit free-type messages to appear on these message boards. All messages are reviewed by Scholastic moderators before being posted on the site. Messages are not allowed to contain personally identifiable information or objectionable content. Further guidelines for messages may be posted on the message boards. Messages that do not meet the guidelines may be edited or deleted before being posted.