I just played infinity ring way of the warrior!!!!!!!

I beat the ninja on the first try!sera is the best dak is a cheese lover riq is awesome at the memory art puzzle.This is my first time posting!!!!!!!!Help me how do you find part of the vase left by Daks parents on infinity one and infinity ring two????

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As for the vase pieces:


Episode 1: This one is located on the right side of Notre Dame Cathedral!


Episode 2: This one is near the Octagon House!


I'm having trouble finding the octagon house. I can't find it on the map or in the game. Can you help me please?

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Sure. The octagon house is about 2 blocks north of the timebox in Episode 2. Here is what it looks like:



The vase piece is around the right side of the octagon house. Check it out in this picture:



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I am also having trouble, except, I can't find the painting of the Greek hero. In the White house. :/

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Thanks for your help! It took me a while to figure it out. You know the huge house in America called the Pentagon? Well, I thought that it was called the Octagon. *slaps head* At least I don't live in America. If I did, I'd be in real trouble.

Hi! My name is Nara.


I am a Cahill, a Historian, a Greencloak and an Earth Mage.


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The item you are looking for is the Greek Statue. This is found in the Cross Hall (Long hallway) inside the President's House. The Statue will be on a small table at the end of the hallway on the left.


Agggah! I keep taking pictures of the Octagon House but it still says that I haven't. It is diving me crazy!!!!!!!!


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Does anybody have a code for book 4?

Ditto i hope they fix it


Code name: ~clonex~

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Dude codes are single use tough luck finding som1 to give it to you. just buy the book ITS EPIC you only get half the story if u just do the games

Code name: ~clonex~

Hystorian tech devoleper

I am playing Episode 1: The King of Diamonds. Theroigne de Mericourt is ready to take me through the fortifications to where the Blue Diamond is, but she says I won't be able to come back if I go. I'm not quite ready to leave the city streets of Paris yet. I still need to find some things, including one of those creepy coded assignats. The other things I need to locate (and the hardest part) are the things Arin wants me to take photos of. They're really hard to find because they don't glow blue when I get near them. I can't seem to find the statue of a viking or the suit of armor. Where are they? Could they be outside the city (so that I would have to go with Theroigne to find them)? If anyone has played this episode and knows where any of these items are located, please tell me where to find them. I feel as though I'm stuck and can't move on in the game without these items!

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Sarah: I know that a pas de mule (did i spell it right) is near the gaurd where king lous is. I don't have a perfect memory. Just a good one so sorry this didn't help a lot. 

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It actually did help! I got shutterbug!



Sarah: That's great news i'm so glad to hear that!

I have left the MBs. I miss all you guys!

I need help too!! I opened both time boxes on episode 1 but the arrow keeps telling me to go to them! what should I do?!

Go back to the Revolutionary Den and talk to the Hystorian. Then open the trapdoor in the room.



I need help. I got both time boxes, but the hystorian doesn't let me go to the trap door, and the arrow keeps pointing to the Notre Dam time box. I don't get it!!

Keith can you help? i cant find all the posters in episode one

Dragon Cat - The mods hardly come to IR anymore. Also, please check this thread: http://infinityring.scholastic.com/forums/topics/129994



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DragonCat: I can try to help you. Give me a few minutes... {I can't post pictures, but I can try to help in another way}


Argh never mind my game won't work.... grrr


The posters are all there by the way, found them a few days back. I can't get back to you on where for a few days until my laptop works again, the computer I'm using now can't run the games.



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Yeh, the mods are practically gone.

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Wait a minute... i was told to find them myself!!!






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