Hello everyone! I'm Krista from T39CMB.


I'm visiting you here because, for my MB vacation, I'm taking a tour of the other MBs. 


So if there is anywhere I should go, anything I should see, anybody I should meet, I am completely open to suggestions.


Explode my mind with your wonder and uniqeness, I am prepared.



Recipient of Mickey's Respect



        Krista the Key



    Will you give all you can give

        So that our banner may advance?

             Some will fall and some will live

                 Will you stand up and take your chance?



Cody z

Hey! Im also exploring the MBs.


The world is quiet here.



im dead, dont mind me. i just pop in from time to time, or try to commit to the SAMB and end up failing and leaving for a few months before trying again. not really active anymore but sorta there