Wow... this post box is tiny. Welp... that might have to do with that I'm on mobile. Anyway I'm Crescent nice to meet you. Some of you might know me from one of other MB's but I wanted to ask... is it the same as other MBs?




PsstYouYeah, YouYou can find me on Quotev if you want to talk to me, I'm Call me Tori I don't really care.

Hello I like your poem 

Cody z

nope its not the same really cuz its been really quiet after the Randomness War

Fav Zelda Game: Skyward Sword

Fav Metroid Game: Uhhhhhhhh idk maybe Samus Returns from the GB?

Fav OW Hero: Tracer (Even tho she's LGBTQ+)

 Fav Pokemon: CHARIZARD!

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