Title, pretty much.

I came on here and this entire thing (Scholastic website(s)... all of them) is amazing! So many people all here together! It's amazing (did I say that already?)

Backup Account for:

~Jacket (spiritedjacket11)~

~Fire Breeze (crimsonparakeet32)~

Hello, firstly. I am Billy. So any questions you have, I'll be here


I would recommend you to play the games in Safari, seeing as it runs most smoothly there. I am afraid the forum isn't really active, but you'll probably find me here.

cleverdragon76 aka ClassifiedDragon108 


I am Billy




Remember Emerald




Bring Infinity ring back

Hi, welcome to the IR MB (Infinity ring message boards). 

I'm EMC, if you have any questions just ask. 


39 is sweet number. It's 13 times 3. It's also the sum of 5 prime numbers in a row — 3, 5, 7, 11, 13. And if you add the first 3 powers of 3, 3^1 plus 3^2 plus 3^3 you get 39.