The fact that another MB could tear thia one apart because we wouldn't accept the randomness hurts me.  What happened to respecting others? What happened to being civil? SAMB ruined this place, and they still haven't made up for it. They don't care what they did to us.


I extend this invitation to anyone whom is still here: come to the 39CMB. We are peaceful, calm, and respectful. I think all of you would enjoy it there. Just summon me.


Please, i implore you. Become part of mine-our-family. We will care and love you, no matter what. Because we are a family on the 39CMB.



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I am from that MB, and I rescpected the rules here. I feel sad abotu what haapened, though...



hey youngblood, doesn't it feel like our time is running out?

Preach, Luna. Preach.



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Preach, Luna.




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im sorry ffor what my home MB did please dont cry im willing to try and help

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Thanks, but our time is probably over. Besides, half of us came from t39c. And again, at least I am getting to old for this type of forum.

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but apparently not old enough to use the right "too/to" BILLY





also can you believe that i'm still not level 40


Y'all can leave Billy alone about his grammar errors. Plenty of people his age have made them as well.



it probably looked sort of bad from your standpoint but it was a joke (does it make it better that I'm celest hence i know him)



also can you believe that i'm still not level 40


Oh lol hai Celest :'D



Wait, what? Did SAMB say something about us? I am only really on this forum so...

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