I have come here to relax, sweat off some stress, and to immerse myself in a new culture. I don't really fit in at any of the other MBs, so I'm trying to see if I can belong here. I don't want wars, flames, or anything like that here. I just want a calm, friendly, quiet community where I feel appreciated, or at least as a part of a whole. Please don't talk about my other MB stuff. By the way, anyone wanna be friends?


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Hullo. Welcome. Billy here. 

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Hey. I'm Sphinx, from the 39CMB. It's rather quiet here, but if you ever need anything, you can stop by the 39CMB and summon me.

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Hello! I'm Samurai! Here for instructor training purposes - if you need to talk about something, I'm here. :)

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Welcome OpalUnicorn581! I can give u tips to Infinity Ring if u need them. Also, dont forget to stop by my vault! Also, yes i want to b friends.

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Almost no one cares about the game these days.