*Juggles pies* GET YA PIES, GET YA PIES HERE! DON'T BE SHY, GET YA PIES! *Puts pies down on random table* *Kittens start raining from the sky and landing on pillows* We've got kittens! 



Queen of Negativity


"I'm not mean, I'm just annoyingly honest."



Little salt ball in the corner

Please don't try to fill this place with randomness. We've had enough of that.

cleverdragon76 aka ClassifiedDragon108 


I am Billy




Remember Emerald




Bring Infinity ring back



Tempest /⚡️ Art3mis®

When your computer's broken so you can't fix your sig





Trust is a double sided blade

I'm partially sane. And you?

Wait for it






This world just drove me insane





agreed aswell.............................................

Fav Zelda Game: Skyward Sword

Fav Metroid Game: Uhhhhhhhh idk maybe Samus Returns from the GB?

Fav OW Hero: Tracer (Even tho she's LGBTQ+)


Nerd extraordinaire!



 Check out my dream journal! /320332 (IR)





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