Once upon a time in a land of magic and wonderment there lived a mage named Justin, he was extremely powerful and highly respected in the Kingdom, only one problem he was never satisfied with the amount of power that he controlled. He looked at others and was envious of their power, he sought a way to amplify his own powers that already paralleled that of Merlin the Wise, and Morgana. But it was never enough.


So despite it being against the laws of the Kingdom, he hunted down one of the four great Dragons and after slaying it drank it's blood in order to increase his powers a hundred fold, but there was a reason that it was outlawed. For when a person drinks Dragon blood, his very soul is wounded, darkness pours in and consumes the drinkers soul.


Justin having drunk his fill of the Dragon blood was consumed by the darkness itself, and was lost to the Kingdom. Nobody knows what became of the Mage Justin. But in the Mountains a Dark storm cloud grows and covers all that lies under it with darkness twisting the animals into barely recognizable shapes of their former selves.


I'll leave the first part here and Continue this Tomorrow.... See you then True Believers!

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I like it! :)

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I know I failed you

I know I could have been so much more

Please, tell me again

What are we fighting for?


"Wow, you must be the strongest mage ever!" was what I heard when I performed the simple trick of summoning three water balls and juggling them in the air. I might have thrown in a ball made out of air to mix it up a bit though. I laughed at that statement thinking about the strongest mage of them all the person that I looked up to in fact a mage by the name of Mandark, his rival and the other person that I looked up to was a mage by the name of Dexter.


The children who were standing back in awe of my mere magic trick, were not too happy with me laughing at them for their mistake. "Whay are you laughing mister?" a girl around 10 or 11 years of age asked. 


Still juggling and trying to think of how to say it without sounding to mean or to nice, but somewhere in the middle a grey area. "Well, you see there are two mages that are stronger then I am" He said and to demonstrate his point he began juggling the three water balls with just his left hand and summoned two more air balls to juggle with his right hand. "You see they both specialize in a certain field of magic, one can summon great storms and rain without thinking about it, while the other can bring life to those near death." I said and raised one hand or the other when I mentioned one of the magics.


'Why do those two get all of that power while I'm stuck with being content with just being able to touch that summit.' I thought bitterly thinking about how unfair it was that I would never be able to actually master any of the four elements, but instead be stuck simply being able to use the four elements. 'True nobody before me has ever shown the potential to use Fire, Air, Water and Earth before. It was still a fact that I wouldn't be able to master any of them. 


I'm leaving this part here and will pick this up sometime later. Sorry, but there won't be an update for The True Believer or any of my other stories for a few days. I'll see you when I begin feeling better. Until then True Believers!

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Arriving home after practicing my magic and showing off for the children of the village, I was met with my little brother. "Big Brother Justin, did you impress with your magic again?" He asked, I was lost in thought as to what I could try and do next that I simply nodded my head. My brother Peter frowned at that and grumbled something that I didn't catch. 


"hmm?" I asked, but he just pouted turning away. "How about this Pete, I'll show you what I have in store next, before I show anyone else?" I said that seemed to pull him out of his sour mood.


"Really, you'll show me before you show anyone else?" He asked with a bounce in his steps and a gleam to his eyes.


"Yes, but you can't tell anyone until it's ready okay?" I asked him, he nodded his head and we headed into the basement where I have everything set up for my expirement. 


"But this is just a pile of dirt and some water." He said sounding disapointed, "What would you be able to make with that mud?" 


I laughed at that knowing that nobody would think of this or dare try what I was about to try and accomplish. "Just watch and be amazed."


Using my control over Earth and Water I began to shape the dirt into the shape of a person with pointed ears, brown skin and dark rocks for eyes, his hair was made up of dark green grass that was born from me giving live to it using the dirt and the water. "now I'm going to do something that has never been tried before."

I made the elf shaped creature sitting on a chair, and using the aid of the water mixed with extra dirt, I began pumping air into the creature, trying to produce life. I did so for several minutes, beginning to think that I had failed.


But before I gave up on my first attempt, the creature blinked, it's black eyes closed and opened to reveal brilliant blue-green eyes. The texture of it's skin before a rough and gritty dirt began to take on a smooth skin like appearance. The dark green grass that was it's hair became longer flowing down her smooth chest before cutting off and forming a long emerald colored dress that covered her up modestly. 


She blinked her blue-green eyes looking around before resting on me her creator. She opened her mouth and with a voice that sounded like the chiming of bells said simply, "Good Morning Master!"


I'll leave this part here, good way to show how powerful Justin is. But why is he so unhappy with all of this power that he has? Maybe more of this mystery will be revealed in the next Part, till then True Believers!

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"This is the really strange bit." I said as I watched the girl turn back into dust and blow away in the wind. "So it's going to last for a limited time, just as I thought." I said frowning. "It was a worthy first test, but still I expected it would last a bit longer then only thirty seconds." I recorded my experiment down in a small notebook that I pulled from one of my many pouches on my belt.


"Justin, is this really the correct thing to be doing here?" Pete asked looking troubled by the sight of the girl blowing away in the dust in front of his very eyes. 


"Pete if you're going to be getting that emotional from a simple guinea pig, then I might as well leave you out from now on right?" I said simply, putting my notebook back into my pouch and muttering, "But who would have thought that my first try at that would be such a failure? I really need to gain more power."

Pete only seemed to barely hear what I was saying as he left the room. 


"Now if only I could find a way to increase my magic, if I was stronger I could master all of the elements in order to truly be powerful." I began searching for a way by looking through the books in my Study. Little did I know that my solution would be the beginning of everything, my downfall and the beginning of something even bigger then the Kingdom itself.


I'll leave this part here, see you True Believers next time!

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Walking into the forest known by the name of Dunkler Wald meaning Dark Forest in the Elvish Language. I knew that this would be where I would find the Dark Elf tribe that I was looking for, the Dorf Dunkle Magier, or Village of Dark Mages. Here I would be able to find somebody who could train me to become stronger then what I currently am. "Maybe they'll be able to tell me why I am unable to Master any of the Elements?" I asked myself.



"Do you really not know why?" A voice said from behind me, I turned around but there wasn't anyone behind me. I carefully examined the spot were it sounded like the voice came from, but there wasn't anyone there. "What are you looking for?" The voice said again, this time from over my left shoulder, somehow the person had gotten behind me in the few seconds it took me to turn around. 


"I thought you were standing behind me." I said as I looked over my shoulder, seeing a cat standing on a branch, it's front paws crossed in front of him, his tail flicking back and forth. 


The cat grinned broadly, "It was clever of you to know that I only appear to certain people and only out of the corner of the eye." The cat said as his tail flicked back and forther, "How did you know I was here?" The cat added as he inquired of me.


"Well, Chester Cat." I said seeing his tail slow down a second before it began flicking again, "I make sure that I know all the powerful creatures in and around the Kingdom." I added smiling "And there isn't anybody who doesn't know your legend in my Family."


Keeping my eye on the Chester Cat, I reached into one of my pouches, grabbing a bit of powder to put this chester cat to sleep. "You know if you want to know about the curse that you're under, I would go and seek the Guardian of Life." The Chester Cat said, catching me off of my guard. 'Curse?'


"Curse, what curse?" I said turning around forgetting in my haste to find out what the Chester Cat is talking about I forgot that he moves faster then the eye can see. 


I could hear the Chester Cat's laughter, "So I see you really don't know about the Curse, but I will let you in on a secret." He said I looked around, but couldn't see him. "The course you are taking is only going to lead to Despair for you and your Brother." And with that said the Chester Cat was gone. 


I'll Leave this Part here, see you True Believers next Time!

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I fade away and Classify myself as Obsolete!

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This is a cool story :) What happens next?!?

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I wasn't here for the war, but I saw the effects. This MB gave me confidence, hope and friends when I felt alone. 

This is home.


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