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Nerdy News Articles! 

1. Cassandra Clare Reveals Part of New City of Bones Book. It's big news for Shadowhunters; Cassandra Clare has shared a scene from the next book of your beloved series! The snip of writing is from Jace's POV. Go check it out, now! 

2. Supergirl Series Sypnosis. If you are a DC fan or comic fan in general, you probably are trying to keep up to date with the new series being made called Supergirl. The pilot will be an origin story of sorts; Supergirl goes to Earth at the same time as Superman after their planet is destroyed, and after years of hiding, she is called to save the world - while also trying to maintain relationships with friends and "family". It will be aired on October 26, be sure to check it out!

3. Jared Padalecki Says Lucifer and/or God Will Be in Supernatural's Final Season. EEK! I feel more excited than anyone, but I'm sure I hear the fangirl screams from here! Season 11, the final season of beloved TV show Supernatural, will include beloved character Luci and/or much anticipated God. Well, that's what Jared Padalecki, who plays main character Sam Winchester, believes. He says this season will be a slightly more "biblical" take than usual. I'M SO READY! RELEASE IT NOW!

Fun Facts: 

-Smiling boosts immune systems. 

-Some psychologists say you tend to fall in love with people similar to parents you had issues with as a child. 

-There are sharks near Greenland that eat polar bears. 

-How to spot a psychopath: yawn. If they don't yawn back they are probably a psychopath. 

Quote of the Day: 

"Wow, sarcasm. That's original." -Dr Horrible, Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog

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There are rules

I am coming for you

You can run,

But you can't be saved..."

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